Tag: Rainy Day

inOf the ouTwindoW


Rain fall watEr Stands

Puddling ephemeral paThs

wind Gusts aIr flows Springs up streaMs

convulsive Wadis rumble

fiCkle rivulets

fissured croOks & nannies

impUlsive caterpillarS

oVer exuBerant touriSts

Pulsate treMulous raindrops

wayward hEdgelings drip

evacuate imMaculate

faMily BlOssom

honeY suckles gRows

Outof the InWindow


rain fall water stands still windowsill

wind gusts air flows springs up streams

trickle fickle rivulets

compulsive seepers weep caterpillars

pulsate tremulous raindrops

evacuate prevaricate

watery gravy drippy

emancipation station

precipitation nation

capitulation taken

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