Tag: Rhetoric


Thudding raindrops beat
whoozy eccentric tattoos
Broken baritones croak
growling thunder rumbles

loose as unctuous
scrumptious bronchial catarrh—
can lightning do nothing
except flash and strike?

A Brief History of the Third Reich

The difference between inspiration and

desperation is concentration and…shit!

I always drift off when some dictator yaps…

You must choose twixt

enervation and determination,

incantation and renovation…fuck!

Now I’m real, real gone

Weeping crimson tree

faux desert forest : blue crap…

differentiation and elimination…shut up!

You and your nations!

You are my abomination…shit

Now I’m getting doctrination.

After skulling underwater

Tap toe trichology

Set and rinsed

Like biscuits

Already to bake






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