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Just Sigh

casters of the evil eye
Watched on in awe as
Funstick McCraw performed
household chores
Licking floors
Opening doors
Observe three jackdaws
dropping peanuts
Down disused chimney pots
‘I’ll put your head in a box full of frogs ’
Mistah Macawber said
Recall the vernal equinox
All you want is hidden there
casters of the evil eye…
Just sigh
Just sigh

St Within cherishes rainy days as so many ready made excuses
to avoid demanding chores that lurk in the soggy world out there.
Looking out on a rainy day as sweet chill air rolls in
Wide open window admitting sound of water
Thud of splash on nettle;
rustlings hid under the undergrowth;
blackbird tweets and car doors percuss.
Wet days recalled holed up in a vellum sprite
Cheap drains spewing rainjuice
Psyche found thrumming on the cheap tin roof.

Plans jottings quips amount to owt…
rain she surges in the west,
Sniffs palm oil tankers torched in the gulf of Oman
Lar committed to who knows what cause or other.
Beers and bed . Terry robbed. Midsummer 2019.
Toerag blues play out.
Regrettably like Sundays
Just Sigh
Just Sigh

Call Doc & the Medics to say the cavalry is coming
Hit me with a feather Mistah Merryweather
Tickle some hidden fancy

The Strange Case of the Stone in the Night



I sat staring 
wide awake

At a snow white candle on an 
empty round table

Sired for wounding
Or so it feels,

A beast of field & stream
This pelt makes it real:

Lank, soaked, maculate
creaking, cloying

character armour…
A warning!
Do not trip

On the large smooth
shiny spongey
granite muffin

At the door
In the night
It slid there
whipped cajoled & now
wet-nursed by tender
urgent scrubber

Those same
who passed on
this message:

‘I just curled
to say I
love you.


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