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Pablo Picasso, Retrato de Dora Maar Sentada (1937)

Had a jar with Dora Maar


She’s not like how she’s painted

A two-faced bitch’s a trifle rich


Her reputation’s tainted



Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Denounces Transi...


The Rev Nice-Grub paused life struck


shopping list of savoury dainties before her


incomplete: savoury quails eggs, spiced cheeses…




Holy music meandered ox-bowed


midlife muddy water curved solidly,


strong, steady laps undercut the bank  


vile, grass clod bays and inlets for voles


cans and ducks. Captives get marooned


on a cut off clump, excised by wake and wind,


and wave forlornly: we wave back, hollow eyed.


Our off white hull stirs large laps as it hums past,


scary aftermath loosens more sods that collapse


under the webfoot gait of ducks and swans


and wellyboots of anglers and toddlers


leaving small gashed inlets for thin quick snakes.




…crudites, nice dips, potato chips, nuts.





Owls howled

weird haunting





opening violet eggs

louche like your

wings aping ruth


Fat Fly

Terrors of the alligator swamp, Florida, by Ki...


We have play


A dog day.


Sweat and steam.

Sultry dream:

water lilies,

huge emerald

pink voilet.


Swamp and mire,

fire fish fly,

like pickets…


Farce of Habit

This is it, Johnny on the spot a "Bill Ny...

First post
(Come to the cook house?)
much improved mood.
Scents of new sweat.
Done some thingness.
Stop turning
into a poem.

Garden Table


Too bad heavy day, frown and sigh, we watch

Thick marmaladen flies circle

Pure white perfect dove’s egg nesting in sea

green potted purple heather lavender

surrounded by grubby pink, limp bloomers,

purple legs and arms like Matisse dancers.

A hoverfly, pauses for a butcher’s,

but soon Dakotas off to pastures other –

The wasp on the chocolate brown bacolite

radio had advised so over breakfast.


milk, coffee and tea

Smoke pause and coffee slug
Curtain sloped out window
Sucked out, outsuck drag.
Shit! Banged red exposed elbow.
Smokestained drapes: salmon peach,
Tucked comfortably in twixt
bizzy-lizzy and big green shiny pot
imagine it plonked on silver beach
the shadows lengthen, sunbathers are vexed
some move, some curl up cold, and some do not.

Little happens slow
Somebody knows.

Mud and the Miscreant

Crave still and clear vision,
you never know it could, you know.
Bad lad down,
clear out of town.
Do not darken our door

bad news boy.
Come back when we’re gone out.
Sit down hard and think about it,
what you did,
You. Serves you right, eh?
Got your just deserts.
Look at you standing

lost in long grass
with toffee in your hair,

bramble scrammed calves
and shins.
Hide from the passing voices.
You’re on the run on your own.
Outsider till the smell of onions
frying, then, caught on the horns of…

land of Nod
Conflicted. In two minds caught on
Hungry man: angry man.
Be nice, take your medicine, be brave,
get fed, then go back to the Land of Nod you little sod.

Brooklyn’s Buggy

Bentley 6½-Litre Speed Six Tourer

Siegfried came and went:


Move faster,


‘Go Bentley

without Plates…’

You Jest!

From The Sketchbook : Yompers

Wise fool,

state clown,

so no impact,

mock the weak,

so to speak,

ridicule the powerful,

doss down

in the vestibule,




Nose to grindstone.

Hard slog.



This is peace!

More mud than sludge.

What we put inside eachother…

do not nose. So, what’s to do today?

Sun, food, cider, shower…

Parsifal’s gone fishing should anyone ask.

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