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Merriweather & Manson Make Out

Dylan movie ambles down 
below jampacked with namedrops 
cameos and zen flavour wisecracks: 
up here in the crows nest 
full of psychic anthrax
and chintzy liquorice 
the ice floes pause for thought. 
Opening the landing window & 
admitting the savage boreus-- 
What the fuck were you playing at? 
You knew about the kerosene

countdown to ecstasy…



Waiting for Blow Up!
messaging the gas board—
the sound of the lag
shinning down the drainpipe
hiding from the chain gang
Attila the Hen
collared by our intrepid footpad
Noel ‘Scoop’ Malarkey
Of The Avocado – authenticated
Fake News straight from the
oval lozenge stuck to the
Georgian mantelpiece
Daily drivel delivered direct
to your little orange paw.
Spirit of Adventure, St
Elsewhere, St hEnhousemuir
How I hate Fair Isle jumpers
—never eat two for God’s Sake
Beautiful—it’s not

Lo Energy Sport

no great hopes for this
one—no obligations or
contracts to fulfil
all hours are zero round here
countdown to entropy
always commences with
your starter for ten

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