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Grumblin’ J Babylon (In-Flight Entertainment)



Busy day ahead waiting free grub from the Foodbank— real power gifts a high gluten loaf that nobody in ecstasy  wants
Crap sleep; stuffy room; troubled mind— What will Monday bring? Waddling through Deep Water
picture blue crabs in my pants

Tinkerbell was rightly furious
Cursed her lucky star & turned over to seethe
‘We are sorry to hear
of your miserable existence
and insist you contact a higher authority—
Yours Faithfully, Walt’

Talk to Mickey Mouse himself,
Up close and personal
There might be something doing
Perhaps a letter, a formal request
To talk it over, chew the cud
About them good old days

Before animation came
Stole our childhood anarchy
Collectivised imagination
Personified Vietnam
Through GI Mogli’s Ordeals
In the Jungle Book

Apocalypse Now!
Was just a matter of time
After that pastiche, rehash
Computer generated
post-modest barbie doll trauma




I am of

bombed attained:



Yet tranquil in


an ‘ised’ sense.

Spilt some juice &

cooked the goose

as it screamed ‘Truce!’


I twisted harder on its slippery neck

and sliming ugly yellow duckbill snout.


Time passes water hole,

drains away in abyss,

glockal grockles gobble,

a sprinkbok eats a puma,

a dragon eats a lion,

a cockerel eats a wallaby.


Surrealistic zoo of garish glib product placement,

slick as a pornographic fuck,

a rolling ruck of muck vapid fuckology.


My twisted mind contorts,

evaporates zilch and halitosis.

The game’s still on,

Go have a gander at the score.

Something one to something four.

A Sunday Afternoon.

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