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little white truths



empty hour glasses
litter shattered livelihoods
dress rehearsing sighs
try not to laugh out loud much
as you’ve heard them all before
My homework ate the dog

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Lickspittle took a Butchers


Bull rushes into
China shop (unseen)
(Nay snatches)
Family silver,
Old Moor’s Almanac
Run of the mill artefacts
Porcelain zebra, farmyard ruminants et al
Inattention to detail
Reveals some fibs within
cloven toenail cumbersome
Ebenezer trundles
furl & fog…meretricious
vague apparitions fail to
get that- smiling minx,
water vole, crawfish lipstick
emerges bonnily on rye
one hundred per cent
Smell of horsepiss fingers
manifestly bodilicious
scrumptious glowing isotopes
radiate warmth & succour
mystified gobshites
gaze knowingly on blue cheese
nudity reveals truth
that can’t be thrown off
discarded like a uniform, y’know-
Lorenzetti Woman over there
Proud mistress mane
Painted strawberry hangs up
on nuisance caller
lobster telephone exchange
rings for assistance



Clarity & Charity
(most weird Sisters of

Jolly Green Murphy)
forswore their novice vows of nice
& lost like Lennon songs left
glum parental controllers
orse-whipped immortals
Red in flesh & blood
Behind to whimper
Well-rehearsed mea culpas:
Suspend wholesome disbelief
Postpone all pressing
Engagements abandon hope
Indefinitely for now
Waiting by the phone watching
Brando documentaries
Provoke sympathy
for slow grieving elders
staring staff in hand
watching the armada shrink
into Tahitian puddles…
Fit for what purpose?
Purpose being what?
Why the Telling of Tall Tales
The life enhancing
Tittle-tattle of hum-drum…
Apollonian work!
burping a poem in loud-
toasting to mad ecstasies
Acting up like Billy Goat
Dionysian hogwash—
Questioning your worth
to Self & Others are we?
Self-therapy stinks…
Well you would say that
Here! Smell my karma
Eek! Stinking purple Bishop
How can you do this
On the day after day after
lying there snoring

as her wife steps into
your dressing gown…

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