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Stir Crazy (…after all these years)



Houses (bleaky leeky loo om)
Bull Rushes ssHHH
Sea sizzle cracks rock
Apple sauce (QaUDIENCE)
Applesauce all ages
appllause hissess it ugghs
GR RIii NNNn. Grinnnn. Grngeese
Clap clap
Clap clap clpa apppl a ppe
Flomp flomp flo o Pussss
Horses warts!
-B a r n eee ee e!!!

Pss un armee (oot honours trees)
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Dreary dreary see

So much for
Saturday Night Family
Entertainment—bring back
hanging on demand button

In Her Own Write

book of the week ends with six pips
her name was Beryl Bainbridge
her sparkling eyes & dazzling quips
cascading from her lucid lips
finely sculpted flattened vowels
came back to me from
a documentary I once saw
about John Lennon

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