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The Meagre Benison of Tired Starlings




May rains hail and thunder
all-in-one morning tucked up
Sophia fetches balm for the bundle
Observing unusual proprieties
following hors d’oeuvres
keep the kettle boiling
the nettle coiling
the aspidistra flying
keep the company of doves
brawling in the fountain
over scarce fuck all
intended for the starlings…

Small Brown Loaf

Small minded? Mind made small, caged in, malnourished, smirched, lank
The loop games slept through last night until the nocturnal screamer started up

Broods and modest flocks peruse the evidence with fine-toothed combs, displaying unnatural penchant for forensic deduction

Pole cats who think big rarely make it
The tell tale signs of cupidity give rise to cause for concern

Flawed methodology must never be ruled out
Make sure when you smash it you give it one hundred and ten per cent

Leave all of it out there on the track
Always be mindful of sunken corduroy turnpikes

Spoilt for choice at the postern gate
Never yield to incessant misfortune

Nearly time to scratch your forearms blackberrying
When was that time the toad winked back?

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