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Away from chaos radio and noisy gadgets

I try to hear my own voice.

It is jumbled, jerky, muddled


When it hears me listening it shut’s up.

Intruder, it whispers under my breath and hides behind an eyebrow.

Another voice comes, quite the opposite of my sonorous lilt

An abrupt  jibber-jabber

accompanied by

a mellifluous buzzer.

Just as I begin to make it out

It stops and hides behind an eyelid


Unperturbed I resume my

interrupted bout

of shadow boxing.

So far the shadow is ahead by two points:

it is southpaw, dogged, cunning, experienced.

I stand firm, steely jawed, granite eyed,

bleeding, unfeeling, waiting.

Rope a dope, Ali called it;

or, was that Angelo?


Zap, I’m downed

a momentary lapse is all it takes

bloody WASPs

get me every time

I let my guard down

Garden Table


Too bad heavy day, frown and sigh, we watch

Thick marmaladen flies circle

Pure white perfect dove’s egg nesting in sea

green potted purple heather lavender

surrounded by grubby pink, limp bloomers,

purple legs and arms like Matisse dancers.

A hoverfly, pauses for a butcher’s,

but soon Dakotas off to pastures other –

The wasp on the chocolate brown bacolite

radio had advised so over breakfast.

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