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Parched Earth Policy




Midday at the oasis
Watched civilisation end
No milk came today
Eleven o’clock onslaught
Autonomous movement
Of the non-living
Equestrian statuettes
Prance macabre pirouettes
Strung out on redeye
Monday teatime debacle
Pollutes dusk’s tranquility
High time for a shower
Contribute to drought

Before the Flood


h e R Sto r Y
rE peAts
iT s e l F :
1st time traG e D Y
2nd time b-M o vie
f A rCE


On midsummer’s day

In nineteen seventy six

Acting goatishly

During the heatwave

We did a rain-dance

Little did we know

What would come to pass

As we rolled in dry dog pooh

On biscuit brown

municipal grass

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