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The Big Trailer



Got underway yesterday with a pill.
Every day starts with a pill.
A pill and a coffee.
Then it begins.
The wide open vistas
on the Oregon trail
with an irascible Raoul Walsh
screaming blue murder at an empty horse
Overhead beyond the redwood canopy
an eagle soars majestic.
You could
not make it up…
Oh yeah?


Last time I spoke with Chas

You know what you love?

He  asked

slow & low

Like Wilson to Shane

Taking in the Globe Livery

rustling my purpose built

beige safari suit

silence broke out till

Hesitatingly, I said


So we drank a toast

To Father, son, and

Holy Ghost & felt

a shedload better

Peabody Rides Again!

Wild Turkey Shootfest

Bring a bottle and gourd

Drink yourself good health


Mistah Kurz, he said:

‘Rum red rivervalley

Tongue blue mountain brooks

Sleek creek on the rise.’

Poor man not well in the head

Feed him quorn and alfalfa

Wait for mushroom puff

Stuff all mouths with brutal nectar

In Shinbone we’re all loopy.

Loft Clocks

dada cover art


Clocks gone on a

head casing up joint


sussing lie of land

what lies up ahead

red injuns

renegade hands,


plumbing and heating,

local custom and practice,

pros and cons of microclime,

none but the brave

Audie marching as to war,

To protect and serve

Pagan place of safety

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