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Treasonable Doubt



Here comes the sun to have a laugh,

a snigger, a check it out, a gloat at

little lives playing themselves out in safe,

unhappy scripts:

polishing, dusting, painting crypts.

Rolling tiffs, thinking cliffs, wind blowing quiffs,

In skipper’s beards, fucking weird.

And I sit in judgement. How fucking weird is that?

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So right on

Bump and grind.

Sweat & simper.

Pass the crimper,

Adrienne, got a right one ear.


Scissor schwesters steeling snippers.

Castration: a Tomean’s rite to shoes.

Sweetbreads and old heads tail the culprit,

The lactiferous Mrs Vase. Yes, shedunnit.


With the wimple in the temple,

aided and abetted by Drudge, the Sphincter.

A distincter demon was there not.

This side of Hieronymus Dosh

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