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Big Fart – No Chief



Sleep is a great healer I am told

By highly unreliable sources

Total rain stops play

Dream found in coffee,

fresh fruit salad featuring:

strawberries and apricot

Polish chocolate

dipping & sucking sticks

obesity and all hope

of becoming a horse whisperer

vanishes in one

yummy comfort feed

on a shitty-bitty afternoon

whether you overdid it

or underdid it

happens afterwards

Keep Calm & Carry On


Chief Executor

Osbourne spouts reassurance

for the stockholders

Corbyn cornered by

playground Famous Five rotters

Germans getting pissed off waiting

Water runs the wrong way

Down the kitchen sink

The world’s turned upside down

That’s why I got out the wrong side of bed

Turning with my back to the wall

That is always behind me

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