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Ticking By

Patti Smith drops in –

Sad eyed world wary

Horses Leap

one ear cocked

Back in the day

when we all had hairdo’s

All was do it yourself.

Slipping slipshod rhymes.

The curator swept out the door

hovered on the wind


Bangers in th’oven

Eleven o’clock pronto.

Football crowd chants:

He’ll shoot, he’ll score, he’ll eat your

Labrador, bloke next door, bloke next door.’


Sausage sandwich assembled

fearlessly sampled.

Zingy tabasco gobsmack.

Vogeltop bowerbirds strut their stuff.

Lovenest blueprints scrutinised.


Unique seduction points include:

iridescent spiders,

chocolate slugs, ant crispies,

seven flugelhorns,

zinc embossed en suite


Chamber Music hall;

silent moviedrome quintet;

playing incidentally framing caption

awestruck terpsichordal disbelief.

An Enlightened harpsichord.


Greasepaint mascara yard brush.

After birth oven nation.

Cod fish sauce soused

In Tin foil enveloped

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Hear. Me. Out.


Here’s how in  

the hear

& now

brown cow

& gate

left open field

as far as


Ice Can





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