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The Canning Job

The factory lost its allure,

its je ne se quois.

The people were much the same,

just a few  keen new strivers

optimistic about their chances,

but that was okay by me.

No, the magic had gone.

Life’s like that

from time to time

Juneday Twenty: Gloam

The lolling lion

A slow heavy fast night of clammy claw

CS Lewis wakes up the coffee hour

Good banks for the rich: bad banks for the poor.

Loose head props a sea of waxy flowers

Lolling on the blue, crucible altar;

Swimming the foamback Bosphorous caprice

Carpetted riviera road floor.

Catch the earlybird bullet to Nice!

Consideration: transportation is

Unavailable at this holy hour

Also calculate the lonely crowds of rose

That spend so much time wallflowering

Patiently awaiting a tender pruning.

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