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The Bog Road to Szechwan

Green mud I declare,
not to mention yellow air,
dragons turned to minnows
and mice to toothy tigers,
just because two toffs
got the chop
at precisely the right moment
Timing is everything it seems
when the wind blows backwards
and the waves return for one last lap.
I take time to observe the spots
on these bamboo leaves before me
And note they bear a striking resemblance
to the candescent snotter of dilettantes


whether you like it or not,
you are much, much better now—
just get used to it, enjoy,
do your own thing, strut you stuff.
Either way
Nobody gives a shit these days.
They’re too busy being them.
you are wary of doormats.
Just use the opaque windows.
Best learn to leap before you can run…
or have a dump, or get cleaned up:
simples minus curve balls
Slow release porridge regime,
open prison daily chores,
melt into a madding crowd,
stay utterly stum,
incognito ergo sum,
well, treely & rurally
hid from Herstory,
out of sight is out of mind,
smells malinger on,
taste of burnt okra,
lady fingers hits the deck
Hey kid! Let’s dissect some trees!!
It’s coming on lunchtime
Sing joy & peace songs
Naff Hallelujahs…
Di Maggio eats
Caravaggio’s fruit bowl
Still life after all these years
Oranges and lemons melt
Incognito ergo sum
Greater than small walk on parts
Phillip Seymour-Legwarmers
Vignettes, bit parts, cameos—
Now you see it &
Now you don’t…

Kakoa Musk




Lamb, aubergine, avocado


Shallots, garlic, tomatoes



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