Tag: Young Man Blues

”the who…?-

What bliss awaits me below?
Something hot & spicy
Most probably not
You’re really struggling
Hey-ho dontya know the cats
Seethe despair differently
Mucal chissled grins
Hang hissing round the door
Most insistently
They beg for essence:
Ignored children shout a lot

Bird’s Nest Soup



‘Weatherwise it’s

Dustpan ugly day…’


Found enlightenment

in sunshine running

a soap oratario

a sudden inlook

at the parts I play

in the loneliness yarn.


From Buddha to Alhasfa

Dillinger to Jesus

Costume changes.

And So do yours.

How fucking mad is it to

think that we are all

characters at play!


Shoot! That went quick

One moment conversation

Then it’s Old Beijing

Full of shit and twigs

Two thousand and eight

Was a good year for Birdnests

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