Paigan Knees Up



Elusive killer bought red herring —swiping opening lines inspire one two twilight mockery—uptown slums drip dry quickest claims umbrella on landing—Fingal’s Cave harbours secrets of the deep—Magnificent Ambersons spotted in Vermouth: third man detained in custard pie—concentric glass bowls pull no punches—forty percent lead found in jump jockey—cross incontinents are best avoided, advise miffed valleys—all art is open late weekends—astonished spectator poleaxed by rogue feather—Maupassant? There’s more in the larder—dreamboats slide silent gravy — two knights rain drenched parley clears bad air — fish fly flags of convenience— jettisoned pipedreams mutter obscenities— label absurd ditties poppycock says spatula minor—have faith in feet or you fall—every step a trip denied—whippers into pidgin holies—miffed I could have muffed it— eye not found on ball—daisily in dark kept—didgeridoos at dawn it is— insist on satisfaction—get rum


aftermath fall out heavy bleed—how heart estranged from freedom excited is —neigh terrifies suspends horse sense—beggars disbelief— roll on part: flexible hours; okay pay—nothing left to lose but loss itself: free food, need photo (portfolio)·roll offpart-time life—study Metamorphoses—Not written much this week — saddo riptide hits have surged—now why would that be?—No wiser come noon—took a path less partaken—Once bitten get fly —What’s going on here? Sunday afternoon telly—repeat: War & Peace with Duno—who? —Dunno—never heard of her —spoke slurs with venerable Aunt— on the mend from a bad dose —C Aubrey Scott pops by with a lamb bone intended for the dog: confiscated contraband — lethal fear for quadropeds—& while you’re at it: spatchcock chicken apart at two —all of this while resting between random body parts —Borodinner from Tolstoyevsky—plushly furbished dinnerfest—sly retiring flowerpot—minimalist orifice: set for quail not swan—technicolour yawn guaranteed come Minsk


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