by grimbeau

aftermath fall out heavy bleed—how heart estranged from freedom excited is —neigh terrifies suspends horse sense—beggars disbelief— roll on part: flexible hours; okay pay—nothing left to lose but loss itself: free food, need photo (portfolio)·roll offpart-time life—study Metamorphoses—Not written much this week — saddo riptide hits have surged—now why would that be?—No wiser come noon—took a path less partaken—Once bitten get fly —What’s going on here? Sunday afternoon telly—repeat: War & Peace with Duno—who? —Dunno—never heard of her —spoke slurs with venerable Aunt— on the mend from a bad dose —C Aubrey Scott pops by with a lamb bone intended for the dog: confiscated contraband — lethal fear for quadropeds—& while you’re at it: spatchcock chicken apart at two —all of this while resting between random body parts —Borodinner from Tolstoyevsky—plushly furbished dinnerfest—sly retiring flowerpot—minimalist orifice: set for quail not swan—technicolour yawn guaranteed come Minsk