Pork & Beans

by grimbeau

Five hours interrupted

agitated slumber:

fleas, knees, wees, mice, wind…

then by a landslide

due to popular demand

democratic vote

solely renditioned

me to imprisonment

In The White House.


Head bagged in muslin

Slick black Cadillac

At my insistence

The invisible security

exercise the dog.

For I am become

President elect of Poop.

Defender of the Fart


When will I be shot?

Brutal destiny or what!

Why is it always

just me it happens to?

If I wish really

hard can I become

an innocent bystander?


I as usual

wake up blown away

hit the old routines:

soft shoe shuffling,

rolling and folding,

paying scant attention

to what’s on the wireless.


Sure, we all pretend

how shocked well deep down

glad it is not our turn.

Sad but true but sadly true

Never reheat pork

after sundown time

it blows your bowels

constipates your mind