Biffo the Bear

by grimbeau

Warm, nose running, cold, copious

In black hoody enveloped,

liver & bacon,

apples and pears,

red, red wine.


Eight o’clock rock.

Tissue time, issue time.

Watch telly, last night’s telly, the good stuff

I missed after hiding from Crimewatch,

after liver and bacon,

apples and pears,

liver and bacon,

apples and pears.

Red, red wine


This morning’s been cosy,

snug and comfortably dumb.

The news is the news of the news.

Immodium is the message.

Red, red wine

before liver and bacon,

apples and pears.


Took me some fizzy codeine

to quell the enema insurrection.

Quarter past nine and nobody’s stirring.

A cold, clear Tuesday, the thirteenth day of Oktober,

two thousand and fifteen years since

liver and bacon

apples and pears

red, red wine


My needs today are simply defined,

a pack of tobacco & a feed of red wine.

Liver and bacon, apples and pears.

That’ll suffice for now, Mr Gingerman.

Sufficient unto the day, the evil thereof.

Then the rest is herstory.

Got so out of it she ceased to exist.

After liver and bacon

Apples and pears

Red, redwine