Mercurial Times

by grimbeau

fuN ny PaPer(r) S

henry flower


Zoot rays strobe Stockholm as Sweden Burghers rise up wreckful with smash up attitude.

The whole wode world spoofs a spreadsheet of posset and dross.

Valhalla orchestra plays misty for Major Sixty-Nine & his otter Abalone:

Human race factors at play again and again over time

History stopped at 6.37 GMT

Light crimson hand cream the emollient of top choice for kNutjobs

Shares in Cochineal soar like Anna Neagle.

Theft rash at Cannes: jewels to blame.

Ferrari elopes with Mercedes –

Dante fitted up – same old Dumbass yarn spun

Eccles cake bomber found in rural microwave:

‘Little Imps!’ said a fishbowl spokeshave weeping in his absinthe.

‘Mine’s a sweeper.’ Incoholic dribble drabble if one must ask.

Caustic soda fountains are good for you.

Indolent sex safer than casual sex:

Comatose Times.

Red shank racket exposed in wetland areas

after drone surveillance by Graf Zeppelin.

Turkish Delight found in Royal Jelly:…

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