by grimbeau


Slept all afternoon

Now comes the shoutings

20.00 hours inspires

Narratives of loss


Stood before cracked eighties

mirrors preening rich frantic

Romantic yuppies

Cuntstruck  Sloane Etonians

wank over Rachels promised

reward for boorish antics


thin veneered vanity sniffs

someother shaven haven:

in short- a demagogue was born


on the composter

immodest cabbage emits

flatulence carried stillborn

on a brassica breeze


& so

with hairbrush held proud

in bumptious trembling hand

Boaty McBoat-Race says:


‘Christ! My God what

have I done this time

to my immoderate forelock?

keep buggering on


Rehearsed sprout freely odd

consequences  & renovate

notions of faux blonde order

The spectacle eats itself