by grimbeau

Old grey Alf Bee, 88, parks his quill,
bitter and twisted by turns, lemon juice springs to mind.
And the sound of heavy rain on monochrome Chryslers
Put down what you hear, he said—now you can take that both ways,
one derogatory the other a secret tape recording.
A bug
Like in The Conversation or Watergate
Paranoia, excess, celluloid,
Angst and bourbon, heavily perfumed nylon sex, sure makes for some conflict.
Just get some clueless dudes, cover them in eau do cologne, souse them with liquor,
and switch on the reel-to-reel.
Pretty old hat when you think about it.
Titles include:
Booze Afraid of Virginia Drunk?, or,
(laconically)  A Brew from the Fridge