Silent Movie

by grimbeau

Expansiveness: opens can
Campbell’s Condensed minaret,
relaxes the nape,
ugly fruit peels off
serrated lid and…
Don green marigolds
Wash and trim the fat
Fetch blue bucket to town well.
Meet yellow bucket bearer
On the way back for
first time in ages…
Tell me, what is she
up to these awesome decades?
Sits around by the
writes a lot on a frog, waits,
checks the screeds over
and over again,
looking for acknowledgements,
acknowledgements, acknowledgements…
proof that something happens
somewhere spontaneously sometimes.
The rest of her life is spent
in worry-work, going back
over things again and again and again.
Forgetting, forgetting stuff
does a lot of forgetting.
Nothing much to dismember
was there?