War Boobies

by grimbeau

Angels One Zero—
shy antihero comes good
post uplifting prang…

Burnt black kettle bam-a-lamb
Soiled jakes nettle bramley camp
Galingale smells waft slow
O’er Hurricano Horlicks

Watching World War One
won single handledly
reassuringly by brave
bumptious public school chaps
sporting pristine pewter tankards
guffawing at goodfellows
cuddling cadavers
torching teddy bears…

End of the end of
the beginning of end of
the most frightful fiasco:
the goal is to the post
as the post is to the goal…
& the whole is sometimes more
sometimes less than the sum
of its particles…
unquenchable thirst
for adoration—
first after epiphany