President Tweet

by grimbeau

Drawing shallow air
 Fellow travellers feign
 silent indifference:
 (plush purple posies
 wilt in winter heat)
 events draw prematurely
to an abject close

 Overworm turns Underworm
stomachs churning inside out:

 Hail to the Chaffinch!
 Hail to the Chuff!

Enter stooge left Vladiator
God's own chosen quarterback

 Lions take five: Christian dada
 Untermensch ist ubermensch
 Triumph of the Wall
 Even Street investors blush
 At such an embarrassment of 
 witches and warlocks
 Servants of Beelzebubbles
 Hang on creaking rafters
 One eyed pyramid salesmen 
 jostle for prime positions…

 Assassination dreams
 occupy diligent couch
 potentates so they can say
 where they were when this one 
 gets richly deserved
 long overdue comeuppance
 or when children inquire:
 'What did you do in the war?'