by grimbeau


A view of the intersection at 5th Avenue and 42nd Street

Big joB geTs me Up

coNgress on aNti-mA:tters

– wasH & blOw Dry

Back  Abed fOr SoMething

uNderStood & mOre zEddds

(c’minG neXt sEconD…)

Fluffup bed & pUll bLinds toO.

SlEep NogO zonE

(aArgh, diDdums!)

6.51: coLd, cOld, colD –

uP the theRmOstaT tO 22c:

nEws, sNooze, cRuisE…uP theM woodY

stAirs to wasHhouse

(acc: a mUzak buGleR, cHip)

cOOkhouse sOunds siZZle,

sPlash, coLd wAter RunninG…niCE!

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