Hard to Handle

by grimbeau



Nine hundred light come Friday—
money in whose bank she wonders?
Hedgehog managers
Crunch numbers mulling over
perfect porridge while
Goldilocks sleeps one off
Going over what could not be
Stories of doomed Dianas
In their own intrusive ways

Weigh up Pros and cons
Disciplined Annie
Arian stock found
Auld hobbits hard to break
Brown suede shoe leather satchel
Wonder what was left inside…
Wheelie bins bob up & down
Three pm ritual ball gown
In their own neurotic ways

Second thoughts, naked potatoes
Embarrassed without their jackets
endure Freikorperkultur
deep fat friars
permit this interruption
to make you aware
keep you up to speed
time is running out
taking all hope & the yucca plant
an odd couple you’ll agree
one as mad as the other
in their own fusible ways…