Shinbone Stars

by grimbeau

Watch a million unique
selling points scintillate
trans-Siberian firmament
watch imaginary westerns
Liberty Valance waits nice
On table nicely whips cream
Serves up double apple pie
snarls ‘have a nice day, y’all’
storms out in a huff
Pilgrim guns him down in cold blood
Saloon doors burst wide open
Mickey Mouse sweats cobs
Buffs up twinkly shot glasses
Pompey reveals his bad side
Cardsharps brandish braces
Twizzle chintzy swordstick canes
A dwarf turns up just in time
They take a breathless selfie
Hastily swops black hats for white
Melts back into background noise
Frere Lubin & his Myrmidon boys
Make free with croquelardon
Fake news is all says Shinbone Star
Southside of the Picket Line