by grimbeau

Neon lights down south prevent
naked dripping quills lament
bloated heavy vaper trails sing
pregnant lullablies brew ginseng,
(self-harmless charades, stone deafening elective boredom,
loose lipped mouthy toothless , upbraid misogynist gays)

manky moles crudely startle                                                                                                        lazy worms like
old man Moses rotting down                                                                                                        nice now deep down deep downsouth
GHQ sarcophagus, semi-detached suburb of the dead                                                                                                      rhubarb-rhubarb  breadcrumb trail                                                                                          leads nowhere much hairy arsed once proud)                                                commanding views of turd strewn lawn,
abandoned taupe recliner, dog seeks receivership
dissimilar to previous for no transparent treason
he can bear to think of…Nice!

made history poverty overnight
gentle martial arts of war—
set scrimmages & slings
threw babies out with bathwater
pondered wood ploughshare tundras
jam packed prairies full of goats

undistinguished tree gods shag—
watch the weald churned upside down
cleaved a gurt big hole in Kent—