Mind Sigh: Inkwell

by grimbeau

Film Blanc:

A vibrant bony breasted
Wilderbeest caressed an orphan foal;
Wild blows harsh brush broom
Heather nested sun cussed tartan
ptarmigan transgress
intermittent lee
belching acrid, quicklime
erstwhile rhapsodes snap up shots
keepsakes undermine


A handmade landscape.
Hmmm…drum beats cheap tattoo
Perhaps a wastrel staggers
Close up shot of snort
Homeless house on back
Snail’s pace springs to mind

To the Stars
Actuary to the Stars

See him now at it
Going at it hard
Like a Frog
Up a Pumpkin

Off course
Nothing of interest persists
If the truth be told
Only on amethyst vision
Keeps up high spirits
To a level befitting
one unsung latterday saint


marrow log
watch her
hard at it now
like a pump
up a frog

marrow log
watch him go
blowing hard now
like a frog
up a pump—
dare I like
dare I not?