The Longest Day

by grimbeau



The longest day finds Paddy checking the truck oil, the twin tub acting out on the kitchen floor, its heat brittle waste tube squirting in the bauxite sink.
The longest day finds too many firsts, too many thirds, too many seconds. The customer is always right and probably white proving cake and eating it
The longest day finds scuffed cultural elbows saying never in our day. This is their day: the longest day of the year, the longest day of their lives so far.
When they stood them up to scrub them down and chided them for whimpering in the draughty corridor for wanting a wee wee.
It is just a numbers game and yours is up. Come in number eighty-seven your time has come. For godsakes give her a pot to piss in.
The longest day sees larks ascending on the Sussex downs and Rafe Vaughn Williams packing his valise for a dirty weekend in Peterborough, the Posh
The longest day they call it for some ludicrous reason. The Germans bombed the land registry there during the war. That’s why no one knows where they belong anymore.