It’s Coming Home

by grimbeau

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Beer to throw up like
In the air & beer to drink
First half, piss call, second half,
Butt wall, third half crawl slowly
Back underground with the turnips
Sobbing sullen soft cell walls we hiss
dripping sober sticky sweat to lick…

door-gell tolls the knell of passing beast
spyrings crop circles short
some verve agents slip away in junky night
thicko suspect plots and trails of vapour cloud
reveal encrypted tissues scrunched up in balls
streaming skies twinkle like aluminium foil:
Watch Window as it falls to earth

—Such thoughts for one so young, Ickle Star, she tuckles and hurrums, baritine chesty undertones of beargrowl
—Gigglchips! Giggle ships chuckled laughing at dada gurgling waterspouse