by grimbeau

Third tercile 2 0 1 6

commences picture speck elation ship: a nascent summer day breaks nice enoughly mice stir droppings, benign idle slanted hues define clandestine marigolds staring Moonlight fed by dawn day succubus
Crawls inside dirty stop out loony…

Zoo room
Caged leopards prowl plaintive Hoot of timid owl dark as it is I must wake
feeling got up out of it: thus everso Miffed.

—Just Me. Huh? said lone drone Grumpy-Poohs, too much cakes and twisted tricycles
It is…T u es d ay…the second of a u gu st 201 6. Aussie Marxists talking Turkey jiblets Scribbles jog minus slog? Indwelling, mon armour. Spotted reification: University challenges meltsway Poxy sleep. Ratty. Wet now—dry later. So it is. Get dat desk fit for purpose:
Why bloody wires must conspire.

…I’m doing it

Sprint write it off quick (take your time: hurry up). Ja vole— yes a shower later, later.

…I’m doing it

Why can’t you see I’m busy (trying ). Agitated, creepy presence. Out, out doggone spot. Go luvverly up your shelf. Don’t wanna be no dreg, after all. Handbag lady laces blue suede shoes. Cognisant of the morning news Under my skin up my nose round & rounder in my lank hair trite sprite clings onto dawn gloomdross Comely maiden dross— Out, out, out. Count up Damn Tasks: garden, self, showers, trowels Etwas anders noch? Durrgh…
Bleak as House out there Marigolds coshed by moonlight Lovely up you whelp
Shin up Mt Nose to eyeball tarn Stray lank hair in dank light socket
Unplugged juggernaut Shipwreck: Lady Queen of Bluesgrinds out loud love’s
old sweet songs over tureens Gave up the ghost writing it was time to break free
Put on the rashers Will it be Coffee or Tea?

Kissed unenthusiastic neighbours A pond farewell Stray lank hair nags bloodshot eyeball stings like hell (toasted two old roadies to get said freak show on the road) Fifteen minutes first thing first chomp an oldie, smoke, drink A pot of coffee & Unleash Cabbage effluent on an unssused speck Five hours buggering around – WAX – hair free website (Why?) airheads ponder tedium Get cracking on now —that’s better isn’t it?
Old hobbits die (hahahaha) hard
‘’…’ate a
B E L&T—S ?
(B a co n
Eg g
L e tt u ce
A nd
To ma t o—
S an dwi c h)

Royal Naval Robe without a belt (or hat): flapping & dangling around my chaps droopy tippets or Tom-Tom Baker’s dozen scarfaced In Doctor Who’s Who used to (the gown not the belt) looking quite dishevelled, I suppose two way mirror crack’d don’t dare to look if I were in your shoes—think with a long head on might it not put you off your elevenses and/or twelves’.’

After glum surgeons cut off my cutesy whiskers post fungal strife erupts maintained some decorum despite such besmirchment overcame survivor guilt for it only Takes one snip—
Eine kleine Augenblickchen

So it was as sure as eggs Is eggs is egg is Big questions cropped up At the heel of the hunt
avaricious prying eyes huffing sighs mock analyse occidental suicides—geiger counter never stops Weighing up the pros and cons Of cannibalism’s Human rights record
By focussing on bogus outcomes both Positive & negotiable elephantine silences
break wind and titter uncontrollably inside drag’s ragged hedge fledgling zoot suits sibillate on saxophone sedge
‘Each one counts’
‘yes, of course it does: each
And every one counts one more ’