Eat the Ditch

by grimbeau




one scotch egg

& one pack of

Ready Salted

Crisp Potatoes

Al Disco…

Dunnock patrol sweeps
up the lawn prior to snotty
entrance of the Queen of Shebang

Gormless positivity crowds threw some punters out
Embedded Jasper stones in troubled foreheads
—As if brecciated third eyes squint

Mineral deficiency remedy mercifully
Fizzes in blue silica
Uncle of the bride makes wind of it

A virtuous thermal is suchly born
Magic lurks in fits and starts you see
Fragile as dovecote earrings percieved by

Pageboys scatter ricicles on tympani thrums
Jerry built his house for doom and duplicity
Here loud mother superior stalks our bogus moves

Here also Stock Doves henpeck petrified garden gnome ads
but then it is Wednesday
after all is said: undone your fly
blue murder is an optional eXtra
vaguer notions involve plenty steps
mississippi mud pies promise
sanguinity & toast ungainly
underwater table tennis
constitutes just one ding that springs to mind
also: must mend t h a ts l o w puncture
synchronized slumming it merely
keeps the blighters off the streets
after a feed of pilates & fries
giant fleas and mice of the Caribbean
Prance in light elastic pumps & daisies
or bristle a frisson with shaven ravens
tipping away at venality between long wet slogs
through warm soft mulchy tissue
then we all fall round gurgling
gambolling precociously jammed with
lamb’s toothy daughter—nun other thanks
Caroline of Brunswick
Who brazen breaks into a piggy bank
& scoffs the Hottentot of it
Up shat creak without a Piddle
Wherein which we whet the wall
A chemical imbalance
In the Fred Astaire’s of men
My Lord is a ram jam toerag
Supinating pimply puss pot
Leaving droppings on the pantry floor