Whirling Pits

by grimbeau



In my neck of the woods
pernicious shits strike thrice in the                                                                                                         starless artificial night: sleepless permagripe,
stale coffee & coughing up phlegm,
apple puff pastry flakes spread                                                                                                            confetti every now and then
Obama rhapsodic real
good down in Dingly Dell

pissed off with phrase ‘feeding frenzy’,
murmurings from hell
as they choose to call it fake
I resort to Russia News
here Tom Hayden forecasts changelings
born of the Memphis Blues
looks like Jimmy Durante
after a vat of Cuban hooch

How about moderate progress
within the bounds of truth
making a real point for
auto de fe to catch on in Paradise
rest up a few days before
Babe Ruth & the hordes of                                                                                                                   babble on smartphones                                                                                                                                        rearrange the furniture

….to their liking