Ague (amongstyourselves…)

by grimbeau


Gotten ye better overnight or just a different sick. Confused poor dab? And the purpose of your visit is…?

No pulse in my left foot. Hot night, Wet pits…34C they say. Angoglastonbury looms . Keep moving on…rolling stones gather . Ball & Heal thyself some say…

Watching America strut. Hearing America rant. Boring the World with jackboot claptrap…Bad for the sole & a sod for Jon the Ethical Codd…

Glasto live on nineteen screens…streaming away on the thin ice of anew…stop bragging Grandad we heard it all before…sentimental ceiling wax…

downhill skid-marks besmirch the green hill faraway without…slippery slope it seems to Banff…legless in Nassau…Roman road sings in Esperanto
Broad went shopping never came back. Hours pass all the big time smashed. Suddenly came a Sunday.

The Cure brought home the bacon…bed maintained by Harley Davidson while beloved Toe bleeds out. Nurses reckon it okay. Computer?

Wimbledon. Lack of staff perhaps the cause…
Pode applied no iodine on Thursday…engineers & healers conga, runt primeval chickens jive& twice busted sliding doors connive, foot seep lightand dark notions engender swoons: Cure plays Wimbledon

Undercover (remixed singles and forest walks) !959 was not was a vintage year for crazy babies; anxious mas to be fear worsties: polio, conscription, teddy boys don’t cry on purpose, wonderdrugs and first strike fall out- bad for onesies equilibrium

Eieioh haze…found lost in space off Neptune obeying Ophelia & Cordelia (shepherdesses) of the quilted Velt till expelled from space junket gatecrashed by junto jabberwock buoyant Brian ‘Coxy’ Moron…
Monday the second of Wombledon passed by nurselessly reading Circe episode (featuring Henry Flower). Tuesday they show. One ulcer healed. The other no worse says Sushi Q…

Tuesdays and Fridays from here on. Thoughts of Huw and Noel inspired a search. He quit the scene in 2003…Riske v Gorillaz (tight one in the making). Loosened lax & limpid lentils loll
The man who went out in the cold to fetch in the coal looked back in rancour from the edge of a has seen has been better days duck egg green state hospital air bed. FJ Jnr called in yesterday looking All Shook Up apprehensive of an impending family food. Moira has died and he a big dizzy and fell from a tree. The burnt out sheer bloody optic nerve of the man who broke the bank at Del Monte Carlo. Trump licks British Ambassador with psychotweet. Frenzied pall of resignation ton follow
Arsewipe rag status allows time for sycophancy to thrive.
Creeps…artist shrugs cold shoulder in gutter west of prorogue
Aim: tTo carve torso from a seasoned tree stump
#1 First retrieve your tree stump from the heaped detritus of half arsed dumping over uneven
holy ground
#2 Place tree trunk on workbench in the workshed
#3 Get tools from elsewhere
# Get chiselling…must just get out & about. Ever increasing circles attainable day to day.
State of the Notion. Cut down the grass, Ass! Whistle while you work them legs inside your toddler’s paean. DJ Okey Witch plays Goffin on the lawn. Dog pisses on shrub gnome. Name forgotten in a shrinking universe.
Mind Out. Try hard to without oxystuff. Relax. Take the ride: paint the tickets. Small Dreams ovum steam iron scorpio people fear. Came too quick to live it. Coffee speedo rushes on. Halt! A dead on grenadier bearing harms. Funny little neon vial. Cork uncorked. Pop. Yellow smoke overlaps vial lip drools wafts. Scent of
Sphincter gas. Sulphic. Rotten Johnnie’s old school pumps. Plimpsole bags. Collapsed lungs
Green for Anger. Old boy trusses pendule saxophone
Parka Coat and Plimpsole Hooks. Duffel Bags and Duffel coats. Duffel: slat eyed lady of the Flems. Drawstring makes it specials. Kein mehr plat dough jour…swing ‘um with wet pumps in; splatters wooly blazers. Fire sheep look aghast afar off atop yon table top of mounting anger. Lid knuckles white with fear of ear clip
For not double underlining. Wooden ruler keeping time and order. Regular as clockface. Shiny shaven sour blank. Twitcheye. Rolls em under lid. See bloodshot whites. Tobacco stained out of a bottle marked ‘Gobstoppers’. Strutters.
Metcalf the name. Deputy Head in times of Absent Head. Skull is better. Some called Skin
Nothing between either of them and heaven. Wisps & Strands. Poor fellahs. Minor gods still
Sting like nettles. Broken canes welt blister. Hurt! Alls well that ends…dead. Somber Hombre. last time i saw Richard was derailed in zero eight. Nein ich luger. Feuerzeug, bitte?
Go flic it your selbs. Beer & Tobacco. Spits. Gruff rustic justice handed out on high. Plough dem fields and scutter…make a crust off of der land. Sir Viv. to be a pillock…robin reliant be a pillhead. Pill.
Under the floorboard hid. Me no want. Make a withdrawal. Guzzled it. Same again? Hair of the dog that bit me Floyd…yessir mistah Toerag. Uggo ick gerraway yardarm over to be so shall bull Years of thereof this much sameness.
Charakter EZPZ. JJ O’JesterKhazi…silly names, carnival gaud ekes all the craic, What of the quieters? When one is with one and none? Murmerings helterskelt and pelt light welter.
Clydoscopic? Shipyards at Night. Spooky Hulls. Lippylaps and gurglings, Ratsplash, crane creaks offset plunging selbstmords, chainrattle and clankety clink. Little chinks. Lady with the Limp lights a gasper. Triggers sensors. Fleets lit up. Majorettes and tumblers coughing up lost gold watches, Moke goes up. Spumily. Seventy six trombonists and counting. Tickertape
Wilkomen took for granted. Paper trail concludes
Fruhstuck in Eritrea slips down a treat. Freewheeling into port where it all began. Gunboats on the water; skiffs flitter in and out bursting with bullets dates maize jalop suspect porky scratchings hemp oil PG Tips. Bought some three in one of a chopsy bell hop hassling me for adverbial phrases.