by grimbeau



Eager to Hail Caesar before late closing rout
A frantic wait ensued prolonged by reasonable doubt.
A restless mob swelled to thirteen hapless souls
The troll who called Charles Dickens ‘Cuntface’ slunk off
in search of shadows. The Seaby was at anchor. It was tuna season
and times were so-so at the Crooked Bullet
Triremes graced the inlet coves
pastel blues and pinks turn mango
the fishers were abed
today they fell the oak tree
I claim I once planted as a child

Quick to praise King Rollo so not to miss the tide
Shipping News confounds the crew
Three kraken roost on Mizen Head
The lighthouse blinks stray tendrils
illuminating blistered asphalt
and peeling gaud on out of season caravans
A squall raddled precarious quay
A perch for intrepid wayfarers
in a cumbrous daimler truck
converted for the alpine experience
a veteran of Moroccan scree
Drifts remotely out to sea