by grimbeau

Watch out scarecrows
silhouette and long shadow
Golgotha sunrise:
a frequent earworm
reoccurs at whim

Is your ending really a beginning ?
For how could it not be so-

oh and by the way –
How’s that old doggo dada of yorn?

Dead as dorsel dogmeat afeared
Licking up spillaged goosefat
pulverised by muskrat finches
under true blue weathervanes

How’s mine own one going, Missy?

Would she a quiet one
Self harming cross legged in a corner pulling
on a subconcious purple woodbine ?

Yes. Same as it ever was
Smoking woodies burnt out on angstrom,
stool pigeon chested sorbing robust summer sun,
sporting short sleeved pastel blouse open to the breeze,
taken to walking in staccato stumble on feet buggered by servile drudgery, thinking what god knew once upon a time before the flood…

Buddha-like inscrutable some say round here
though harrowed head of blinding anguish
Marinated in dubious sun wonky dreams have took a toll

Suchlike stuff filled Leaf’s priapic sleepshot numbskull & starcrossed marrow bones while he
creeping slowly through her steep sunken garden that late Good Friday afternoon, chanted
‘Was Erin with auric brass neck & hardball shoulderpads watched through sharkfest eyes bloodshot after a catch-up daytime nap from a bad night twice remembered?
Was it panic that kept her up three days killing time with gimmicky zombie horror flix, relishing the dripping of copious rot from pellurid
cartoon blood oozing from every single pixel,
Was it sudden came the quick denouement part made aware of skull cap thinning like a wildly, itchy unkempt beard of cheesewire — a wretched sight altogether to behold, Lucertia.’

Leaf sat now facing late low sun, watching jet streams & midges merge, counting teatime birds play come and go, stopping
to perch for a last feed on the sickly rowanberry, then head in head, out of the cold’s way, when evening nests smell of deep fat friars,

Leaf too went back indoors to see what was going down
David Dixon was last seen dead by a man in a Homburg;
Mason Wells survived his third suicide bombing — random business this life.

What with populations swarming here there and everywhere. No wonder such a radical flux breeds weird shit algorithms, recounting how brown blobs pop on white cows…

‘Go get the washing in! You idler!’

Time bumbles lopsidedly
Westward murk rays prolong shade
Pull the blinds closer to home
Call it a day…