Penicillin Road

by grimbeau

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on

Penicillin Road leads direct down cuts bores sheer faced defiles surges past boulders churns up dross meanders radical oxbow slides and haughty deft gallops sounding thunderous paces steadfast through otiose viscous varicose arteries drives insane veins through corny chicanes scorns resilient bunions & seedy jammy canyons cresting on horizon tendons defies confident ligaments cists shrapnel capillaries and fearful cataracts to the ulcerated sea off Old Toe Head which swathed in crinkly lint chinked modest amber sprouts bright by lunar astro-labelled lighthouse

Gumshoe sized hamstrung actors & two bit party players & an array of sundry stray intrusive otters snarl & bicker over muckbill platitudes to fodder fluster rashly squeezed bone girdled gossip mongers hawking meagre humble wares the morning after the dude who faked sincerity got shunned by indifference of all races, creeds and colons…

Lightspill occurred the back of four and happened just as Saul found out why the lucid coast of duvet moans in jest― Effluenza breeds Influenza. Who cares much these days is doomed
–Pass over that capsule and be an Angela, sweet thing.
Broken News Dawn Patrol announces…Broken windows of opportunity get given three thumbs up should Halloween come pass without further unsavoury rice eruptions. Second waves pronounced the new first moonshoot by turd party arsonists sampling tea leaves humping hope to an amen beat meanwhile the last chance balloon leaves come dawn on vernal equinox as ethics girls in AI gets bunk up from fretful plutocrats with more money than funny. Glass and concrete truth domes full of ratfinks. Peasant slaughtered by boy racer monarcho in Star & Garter Gigtrap. Town of Richmond mourns behind closed doors
Ten finger professionals occupy space set aside for cheetahs in transit. Stare out these days through shopfronts displayed on handheld flymo gizmos. All shapes and sizes filed under laudable applaudable. Feasible exercisers strain not yet no sinew. Spineless fatigue pandemic sighs. Vagrant anchovy the mule abjures. Profligate cartwheel takes rap for cold snap. Sidelined on the margin: peripheral.
If this is true~ What follows…Huh?
Well shod gunshot rider racer royally rides roughshod over outriderless enfeebled citizenry mowed down in broad daylight snobbery
Third June Thursdays don’t get much longer in the short run
Search engines rise with suns to take you down you guessed it:
Penicillin Road