Dumping Ground

by grimbeau

Rowdies from Cathay burst in growling
oriental chainsaw rap about
a cherry blossom spelling peril:
silver trembles gall on emerald leaf 
schisms split the sky wide open
rents increase on the picket line

flaked out in gauze tropospheres
seek out sedation
sifting though space junk
plunder in the sparse first light
chocolate rooftop silhouettes
opposite form a rhombus corpus
each a pollarded alp
sprouting crumbly chimney stumps
decapitated toblerone
topped off by a crack'd pot daws
rigid khaki wrack stacks wobble precariously perched these jackdaws squawk and watch their stick burden cast away
down a crumbledown amblesided mountain
as if they were idle eagles
Under which roof a
little fat boy wants out

Cader Idris sizzles
protesting the right scree
flurries overlap
to reek havoc & rage & rumpus
prospect of an avalanche
confined to poxy screenplay
dross deemed unfit for family fun
sat cross legged zapping seagulls
winging blackbirds drives folks hopping mad
grinding anthracite briquettes 
coal shed solitary
modest refinement
converting them to coking coal
hatching audacious escape plans
sudden urge to defaecate
running out of temper
silence compromised by

Oh Calcutta coal shed…                                                                                                      Paradiddle raindrip on porchway
overflowing gutters—

an ardent dew fell overnight

Farley Hill rests in peace
The mossy pitch left to merge