Bosola takes a Dip

by grimbeau

Setting: Picnic or flu jab hinterland

In your dream scenes
(caution reads: pumpkins squashing galingales);

Salty raging thirst (wonder why not)
Got to get out of this plaice

(socks, shoes, & some means of transport?)
Forthcoming events – domestic drudgery,
tease skunk in garden, stir molten corned beef muesli…

Draungrs fillet cod in their sleep
discearding all its meagre trimmings
in the myrtle oceans deep

Dunnock patrol sweeps
up the primrose lawn prior to snotty
pompous entrance of the Queen of Sheba

Gormless positivity crowds glum punters out
Embedded Jasper stone in troubled forehead
Brecciated third eye squints

Mineral deficiency remedy
Fizzes in blue electric silica
Uncle of the bride makes wind

A virtuous thermal is born
Magic lurks in fits and starts
Fragile as a dovecote’s earrings

Pageboys scatter popcorn on tympani
Jerry built it for doom and duplicity
A loathsome mother superior stalks our every move

Dove henpecks petrified garden gnome
but then it is Wednesday
after all is said: undone