by grimbeau



Six (eventide in I trust)
Grapewater bombs burst
Shaking densest undergrowth
—olive dark gloss blubs
Green lilac preens, cushioned bramble
Shakes it off like sorrow
Enlivened torso swells
Deuterium showers gel
From a dry spot running water
Fills an aluminium basin
Drain clogged up by scraps
Dirty spoon spadework

Want! What do I want?
Came as a shock clean out of
Pretty much nothing
Like an asteroid
Fairly blew me away though
In the blink of an eye
Shadow of what was
No not a shadow
There is no sunlight

Write about something
What…& there’s food
Food sighs lists mean choices
Think imagine remember
Something nice on offer
Stock answers ten years
As if I can remember
After that deluge

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