Peace breaks out in a rosy rash

by grimbeau

henry flower


Four chinooks pass over in diamond formation beetle
speeding after a fast car whooshes past by chance
I wonder how the giant laurel appears to flourish
In a builders bucket but get lost and give it up as a bad job
to hobble off swallowing pride over the biscuit grass
pausing only to smile back at some smiley gnomes
leaning awkward on a rotten purple fence post
entangled in wild barley corn barbed comments stifled
The pike eats up the radio, the salmon eats the lucid fridge,
opiate withdrawal you sliding slippery eel, sends a message from eternity, which reads, ‘Sorry, We’re not ready quite for you yet, there’s been an unknown known. Jemima XXX.’
Till all the seas run dry, my love
Till all the seas run dry, my love
Till all the seas run…
Overheated after a hard day
down the dairy with hairy Mary
wary of…

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