Breakfast at Knobbly Knees

by grimbeau

English: An elephant that is part of the Flyin...

Late sultry night and nearly sultry morning.

DODI? More royal dross, oozy does it,

nice & oozy.

Hot & Cold liquid. Door?

Scratch? Make enquiries without.

PC Pigeon, Flying Squad, scratching around

like Inspector Hound – more of a sniffer who likes a snorter.

Barmy cops the blame for littering path.

Does his bit, Hound.



Slowly make drinks of coffee and codeine,

think food: rashers possible. Go get it together:

fill kettle, don kaftan, open door

(already did that above).


Verses! Form and content.

Wrestling with Flowers:

let it flow out, only drips from an empty tap.

Sticky so shower laters.


Gutpowder arrives; cause celebre to

noisy gobsloth to be centre of attention:

failed and fucked off!

Trappism recommenced at 10:45.

Start to detox tomorrow; fancy a sausage!

Quite peckish, yesterday’s heat mostlike;

thunder earlier; food is good. Sausages on: pollop shopping;

feeling flat, food and incantation desired;

crock steady, one day at a time sweet nexus.

Sharpen up with a shower, kick out the jams…


Note a relapse to ultra-brevity,

so often happens when fractious, hereshow:

skirting the zone, hit and run prowler.

Regard the Fearstalker

See the pushy, nagging whippet.