That Schinken Feeling

by grimbeau



Eggs boil not poached fore a changeling

& anna bun dance ov culd sweetmeat carved craythur combobulatio ob pink chicken squirrel, Black Forest Gurty Torso & Tyrolean yodellin’ hamstrings, incomplete minus granary seed thatched toast to hourmaker: Der Mood Molecule

Make me happy. it smiles

today again, s(un breaks through grey gloom.

Limbs visibly loosen- Eeks & Yipes

On the evergreen awks

Of Bar Baloney.

By Gum! Real gone quince ate duvet. The chancery of that!

Must go.

Elephant stick pot in the offing (door knock echoes in mosaic hall)

Once in a lunchtime (talking heads poke noses through letterbox flaps?)

Bargain Hunts a freebie. Michaels on the Micky-Takers. Quakers on the Rum

‘Wing it nut my bast advice. Hise up in the cistern.’