Fresh Fish

by grimbeau




Red Herring shoal. McGuffins abound. Agatha’s back. Faceful of Smack. Drowned. In the sound. Underground…


Pulled blinds pulled subtitle series

murder english mustard.

French will do.

Split pea, lentil soup: very nice, very nice. potful in your own time.

As evening wars on.

More demands.

Unconditional surrender not enough.

Stuck on shortie. Whimsical worries. Dalkey Park/Ride. Derivatively yours.

Not there so where? Fret work…hides something else, a secret wish, an unfulfilled desire to…





Half-five already

my life in the bush of goats where daisies

dongle in the dingle stirry, nervy, limp-lame, leopard.

Wednesdaze. Born too young, slept in late.

Dazybones dozing in the dun.

Docherty-grey blue moon of

Nantucket Sleigh Ride