The Obtuse Circumstance

by grimbeau



Pickled punchy

Monday morning sot

K2 ascension

trudge and huff.


Wind blusters, gusting away

remnants of claggy, stubborn night.

Wolf pack rampant roadmap

eyeballs throb in misty mirrror.


Brain damage limitation.

Fromage  marshmallow ganglia.

Camembert opaque frosted

Yellow day.


Insurgent tree surgeons

gather storm broken

eucalyptus limbs.

Big cavernous rumbles.


Apple tree crumbles.

Head waiter fumbles,

stumbles, tumbles.

The tray vibrates


gawky albatross libations

part company with host,

comic crash slapstick pratfall

radical payload scatters


huddled throng,

babbling surprise looks on aghast,

desultory fat barman

fetches bucket and mop,


mumbling vacuous

‘Sorriesirs, Moddoms…’

glaring doom on prone

crone squirming,


yelping victim

plaintive noises,

just made jobless

in gin and debris.